Buddha Bar Hotel Budapest

The Buddha Bar Hotel Budapest (Klotild Palace) is the second Buddha Bar Hotel to open and was inaugurated in September 2012.

The Buddha Bar Hotel Budapest (Klotild Palace) features 102 exceptional rooms, including 25 sumptuous suites, all equipped with the most recent technologies for absolute comfort and modernity.

The upscale service caters to the needs and expectations of an increasingly demanding clientele. The Buddha Bar Hotel Budapest (Klotild Palace) was created using contemporary Asian interior architecture and Hungarian colonial style design. Located in the historical Klotild Palace, the Buddha Bar Hotel Budapest offers a unique and enchanting atmosphere, opening its doors to the imaginary Buddha Bar world.

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Buddha Bar Hotel Paris

The Buddha Bar Hotel Paris is a 5 Star Hotel located at 4 rue d'Anjou, at the intersection of rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and La Madeleine, this new property has been designed to offer a unique experience of Parisian hospitality, blending French lifestyle & Asian influences.

Buddha Bar Hotel Paris features 56 signature rooms, including 19 suites, the Buddha Bar Hotel Paris is designed as a unique tourism experience and the art of French living.

Located in a 18th century mansion, beautifully restored and recreated in a typical neo-Asian Buddha Bar setup. This ambitious project, flagship of the Buddha Bar Hotel whose ambition is to bring the hotel at the forefront of the French Hotel Industry.

Keep up your fitness routine at our fitness facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and unwind in the hammam or the experience shower depending on your mood. A Buddha Attitude Studio also features 2 treatment rooms to experience a rare selection of signature massages & treatments inspired by Tibetan Ayurveda.

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Buddha Bar Hotel Prague

Located near the historical city center, the Buddha Bar Hotel Prague opened its doors in February 2009.

This luxury Boutique Hotel features 39 sumptuous rooms and suites, in a decor inspired by the Buddha Bar concept. This venue includes a Spa, Buddha Bar restaurant and Siddharta Café, allowing guests to enjoy the chef's delectable dishes 24 hours a day.

The modern Asian architecture is enhanced with touches of French colonial design, making this hotel fully unique. A magical moment awaits you in this original venue, where the art of living awakens all senses. Welcome to the imaginary Buddha Bar world.

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