Buddha Bar Music

Music is one of the most important characteristics of the Buddha Bar concept. Since it's inception, Buddha Bar's musical identity has embodied an innovative and avant-garde aspect, thanks to the subtle mixture of captivating Electro-Ethnic rhythms and tribal sounds, played by Buddha Bar DJ's in perfect harmony with Buddha Bar's decor and atmosphere, this poignant and constantly innovative musical style enchants Buddha Bar patrons and enthusiasts.

Now you can enjoy the world famous Buddha Bar music 24/7 by becoming a member of the online Buddha Bar community!

As a Buddha Bar Community member you get access to a wide variety of Buddha Bar Music and other entertainment media. Our intuitive Music System allows you to listen to all Buddha Bar Music via your computer or smartphone, create your own play-lists, and share music with friends and family. While you listen to exclusive Buddha Bar compilations you can browse our music store and shop for your favorite tracks. And coming soon, you will be able to download your favorite Buddha Bar tunes to your preferred devices.

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