Buddha Bar New York

Buddha Bar New York presents diners with the ultimate restaurant experience. A nightlife Mecca for celebrities, the New York location entertains, surprises and above all delights.

For your dining pleasure our chefs offer a deliciously unique cuisine, that combines the bold flavors of Asia with delicate French influences. Our menu features the highest quality ingredients served family style, and the results are magical.

Upon entering through a distinctive rounded slate hallway that is flanked by antique Thai Buddhas, gazing upon a dazzling cross shaped skylight designed by Didi Pei (son of architecture legend I.M. Pei) and walking past not one but two koi ponds, you will come to what is arguably the spiritual center of the restaurant – a stunning 17-foot tall black lacquered Buddha presiding serenely over the entire restaurant.

This mixture of eclectic Asian decor, our enchanting food and hypnotizing music from DJ Timka, all serve to create an unforgettable experience that is sure to lure guests back over and over again.

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