Buddha Bar Spa Buddhattitude Dubai

The quintessence of Buddha Bar luxury in a Spa.

Thanks to its multiple details, Buddha Bar Spa Buddhattitude Dubai is the quintessence of Buddha Bar luxury, with precious artworks from the four corners of Asia, stunning Kimonos displayed on the walls and small Asian-inspired statues and fresco's that invite you on a relaxing journey to exotic lands.

This urban sanctuary is an exceptional venue, boasting a luxurious decor and atmosphere. It features twelve treatment rooms in the colors of the Chakras, combining Dubai extravagance with a Tibetan Ayurveda influence on the signature treatments & massages. With luxury and well-being as the key words, each Buddha Bar Spa Buddhattitude Dubai treatment and massage, inspired by ancestral Asian techniques, corresponds to a unique sensorial journey exclusive to the Buddha Bar Buddhattitude Spas.

The Buddha Bar Spa Buddhattitude Dubai celebrates well-being and beauty from A to Z, with a wide selection of face and body care treatments, a manicure-pedicure area, an exceptional hydrotherapy area, a Lifestyle Studio, private coaching sessions, an upscale fitness room, a hammam with an ice fountain, Jacuzzis with different temperatures, a sauna and heated mosaic lounges provide guests with an utterly magical and sensorial experience.

The Buddha Bar Spa Buddhattitude Dubai invites you to discover its collection of B/Attitude face & body care treatments, a precursor in the field of Tibetan Ayurveda in a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

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